Uriginal & BToy
Uriginal. Sometimes I paint. Sometimes I eat. By Uriginal /// BToy. Born and based in Barcelona, BToy has been creating her distinctive stencil-based art since the early 2000's, first in collaboration with artist Ilya Mayer and now on her own. Her posters, murals, prints and canvases –many featuring female pop culture icons can be found in the streets and galleries of Spain, all over Europe, and in Latin America and Indonesia. By Artsmania. artsmania.wordpress.com
Marina Capdevila
Her works covers small illustrations to huge wall paints. Ball-pens, acrylics or sprays, these are her 'musts' when she draws. Inspiration usually comes from people's daily routine and habits, specially those familiar situations happening either in her tiny town or in her modern city. She loves to exaggerate these situations and give them a peculiar sense of humor.
M2 is a stencil artist, who begun cutting stencils in 2006 in the small island of Minorca. He got the idea of cutting within his Spanish class in High school, but soon M2 realized that this was not just a hobby, it became his lifestyle and passion. The artist continued to explore the world of graffiti and stencils, and soon he decided to focus his attention on 'cutter & cardboard'. With the time passing by, his style began to change and tighten and became even more stronger. In 2010, he decided to leave his little island Minorca in order to get new ideas and inspirations about art. He started his journey in a country, which is famous for its street art, and spent almost two years in England. This journey helped him to meet new artists and get inspired by many different impressions. Currently, M2 lives in Berne, Switzerland, and he is always coming up with new ideas in his mind. By m2stencil
This is a reproduction of the artwork that Keith Haring executed in 1989 in Plaza Salvador Seguí. The City Council and MACBA have made this reproduction in 2014 as part of Raval Cultural.
Spanish artist Iker Muro is color and forcefulness. A kick of vitality and pure nerve. His work, far from limiting itself to a few square inches on a paper, jumps out and plays on streets all over the world at any dimension you could ever imagine. Murocracia is not only his website but also a statement of principles (indeed “Murocracia” is a Spanish play of words of “muro” which literally means “wall” and “democracy”). Illustrator, wall artist and graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience on advertising industry, awarded with a LAUS within the top talents of Spanish Graphic Design in 2010, he defines his work as an acid blend of pop art, graffiti, graphic design and typography. By http://www.clickforart.com/
Boa Mistura is an urban art group formed at the end of 2001 in Madrid, Spain. The term "Boa Mistura", from the portuguese for "good mixture", refers to the diversity of perspectives of each member. Distinct visions which complement each other, and combine to create something unique and coherent. Text and photos by Boa Mistura
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We are a research and design laboratory focusing on documenting the activity of urban art in the contemporary city and cultivating the interest and awareness of the importance of this art in the community.

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