Salvador Gómez, artist, lives and works in Alicante (Spain). Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University Miguel Hernández of Elche. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. First prize of the National Award for Painting Cooperativa Eléctrica Crevillente, along with other citations and awards. his works are in collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA) Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (MUBAG), the Salmaia Collection of Contemporary Art and other private collections in Europe, Egypt and US. He has conducted numerous workshops and courses in Spain and Egypt. He taught Art History and Painting in the University of Alicante at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). By Gómez.
Cranio was born in 1982. The artist grew up in the north of Sao Paulo and it was in 1998 that Fabio began to cover the gray walls with his work and he always carries in his backpack a lot creativity and good humor. The Indians were born after the attempt to find a character that could show the indigenous people from Brazil. His work is always in funny and curious situations and they usually are n the space to provoke the observer to think about contemporary issues like consumerism, identity, corrupt politicians and environment. International cartoons and the famous painter Salvador Dali are some of his references that Cranio keeps them always in mind. The artist has been improving his techniques, innovating in the context,but without lose the famous style he keeps doing in the streets. One ofthe best comments we have heard about Cranio’s work came from a British collector: “Cranio has developed a unique and significant group of characters who do not are only vibrating, but also please to be seen.Furthermore, the images created by him always pass a message of important concepts we often forget in our lives. These set of qualities is what makes his art excellent to appreciate and great to think and philosophize.” By Cranio /// Pez, “fish” in Spanish, started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. At first he used to write his signature, and soon it evolved into a fish. One day he decided to paint a fish character near his tag. El Pez was born! He found the huge smile a way to pass on good vibrations to the walkers on the streets. In a few years his artwork spread throughout Barcelona, and soon he began to travel and to paint in European cities. So he began being recognised and rose quickly thanks to his perseverance in the street. His works appear in the best-known street art books: Street Logos, Art of Rebellion, Street Art, Bcn New York, … in specialized magazines, internet websites and documentary films. In the last years he has shown his artwork in cities like Ny, L.A. Tokyo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bogota…. Nowadays the happy fish has a lot of friends and a big family of characters that you can recognize by their huge and infectious smile! by Pez
Sergio Hidalgo Parades is a contemporary artist from Barcelona known as Sixe art or Sixeart. He started to paint graffiti in the late 1980s. In the mid-90s he developed his multidisciplinary talents in the fields of sculpture and studio painting. In 2008, Sixeart, Blu, Faile, JR, Nunca, Os Gêmeos painted the Tate Modern in London for the exhibition Street Art. Sixeart belongs to the collective El Equipo Plástico with the artists Nuria Mora, Nano4814 and Eltono. Kati Krause wrote in the Wall Street Journal:'Sergio Hidalgo, alias Sixeart,... who was one of the artists featured in the Tate Modern exhibition, started scrawling his name on the walls of his native Badalona, a suburb of Barcelona, in the late '80s, when graffiti was still a novelty in Spain. Despite lacking a formal artistic training, he decided to add a paintbrush and canvas to his usual tools, to great effect: His surrealist, childlike style struck a chord with audiences and art collectors the world over. Today, he is being mentioned -- and exhibited -- together with the likes of Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies. By Wikipedia
El Xupet Negre & Chanoir
Xupet Negre. Born in BCN in 1989. He was already one of the first in the world bombing his own logo. One more step in the art history and a new style into the graffiti scene: a logo. People can understand and remember it better than a tag. By Elxupetnegre /// Chanoir. Cha aka Chanoir is a graffiti artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He was born in Bogotá and raised in Paris where he began his graffiti. He is best known for his eponymous cat character, Cha. 'Over time, his cats began to take on their own personalities and went on from the Parisian streets to become famous on the Barcelona graffiti scene.'. By Wikipedia
SAN began his career at the early nineties painting on walls and furniture in public spaces at Moraleja (Cáceres), where he was born and raised. After several years as an autodidact in 1997 he started to study art degree at the city of Caceres. In 2000 he moved to Madrid to begin his university studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, which is compatible with his first exhibitions and interventions in many cities of Spain and Europe. Thereafter there is a shift down in his carreer and the drawing starts to be a tool of their language. Since its start his work has been highly figurative and which developed using exclusively public space as a support. His intention was to have his message to as many people as possible. Not socio-cultural discriminations. Their language consists of symbols and codes that give rise to a careful reading between the narrative of classical painting and moral discourses of contemporary art. All his works force us to fall into different interpretations and confusing, despite recounting daily events and anecdotes, based on more mundane topics. In recent years he has made hundreds of interventions in public spaces and exhibitions worldwide. His work has been published in numerous books and prestige artistic publications , emphasizing their monograph edited by "Belio" in 2006. Text by San
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