iNO was born in Greece and studied Fine Arts. His work has been invading the streets since 2000.
L7m, was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in 1988, and since very early he started his relationship with art. In his childhood, he had participated of many contests and had also won many cultural awards. When 13 years old he had his first contact with the spray, which opened his eyes for new tecniques and consequently new experiences and mixtures with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic. Everything generates the chaos, since the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized. The revolt by the human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city's disarray, the neglect and the surroundings, all this things transposed and influencing the works of this artist, who evolved with all his feelings focused in the street art. L7M, how he's known, is identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry relacionated to several issues, causing contradictories and unconfortable feelings in the observers. This is his purpose: bother and inquire by traces and colors reverted in imagistic feelings. Surely his purpose. Actually, L7M is dedicated to independent work in advertising agencies, exhibitions and workshops at enterprises, cultural centers and schools, conciliating with the urban art freely practiced.
MOMO is an artist working outdoors with systems and homemade tools. His current interests lie with an evolving range of adapted masonry techniques to draft, design, and organize wall murals. Born in San Francisco in 1974, MOMO has travelled most of his life, lived in New York for six years and currently keeps a studio in New Orleans.In 2008 Rojo published his first monograph “3AM-6AM”, in 2012 Studio Cromie published his second, “In 74 Pieces”. In 2013 he worked with Re+Public Lab to develop a fully Augmented Reality mural in St Louis, May Gallery hosted his immersive installation show “Butt Joints” in New Orleans, Studio Cromie produced a Caribbean painting tour and exhibition in Southern Italy, and the New York DOT commissioned a 200 foot long mural between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges in Dumbo, Brooklyn
Nicolas Barrome & Amandine Urruty
Nicolas Barrome was born in San Juaz de la luz in 1980, he grew up in País Vasco and lately enter in Applied Arts School in Burdeos, before getting involved in the field of illustration or creating with his friends the Jeanspezial collective. Nicolás creates all kinds of furry animals, giant octopus, crossed dogs ... Living up fruits and vegetables, mocks religious icons of his childhood memories or dishes prepared by his mother. His images are quickly evolving after the discovery of techniques such as engraving, which subsequently has a real impact on the way we produce his works. Fan of filming and staging, and obsessed with frames and textures, his world is provided, full of details of great complexity and various reading levels. Amandine Urruty lives and works in his bed, always with a box of markers beside her. After passing through the University and a short career in underground music, Amandine Urruty recreates his repertoire of beasts and his gallery of odd characters in all media and formats. Because of her extensive knowledge of traditional techniques of drawing and engraving, Amandine offers a lively bohemian gallery portraits, unsuited associating with baroque decorum that miraculously manages to reconcile the lovers of alchemical symbolism with ladies with too much makeup. In fact, Amandine Urruty build their images as if we gather for Sunday flea market, borrowing of objects and toys used his fundamental ambivalence; evil and calm, decorative and ornate simultaneously.
Reskate! is a project by the versatile group from Barcelona Reskate Arts & Crafts. It is born with the intention of rescuing that skateboard you abandoned where you left yourteens behind, that didn't resist your last trick or it's just rotting in your balcony. Reskate is an idea both simple and romantic that seeks restoring your old skateboard into a brand new mini long. Again. With such purpose, Reskate staff recollect abandoned boards which once reshaped are delivered to either acclaimed or novel illustrators. They reuse them as the legitimate support of artistic expression they always were. This way, we get a limited and unrepeatable edition. If it makes you go skating again, you'll make its creators happy. The result is so exciting that it's worth it giving the skateboard a second chance. Relive it.
Lelo is a self-taught artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Best known for his work of urban art, which he performs since 1999. His production includes murals, paintings, drawings, prints, videos and more recent sculptures and objects. His works are characterized by the compositions of animals and people, chosen because they have some interesting symbolism and can be portrayed in a synthetic form, represented by the interaction of bold shapes, textures and patterns, some created and developed by the artist, other reused from found materials. His works have been shown in exhibitions and publications in Brazil, United States, Germany, Spain, Austria, Greece, Agentina and South Africa.
Kenor began painting, originally as a graffiti artist, in 1989. As the son of an artist and photographer, he has art in his blood, and his creativity only flourished in his vibrant hometown of Barcelona. As time went on, he transitioned from graffiti tagging to more abstract murals, and he is continually influenced by electronic music, fragmentation, shape, and the visualization of rhythm and melody. His bright shoes reflect the style he displays on the streets of Barcelona. He takes inspiration from seemingly everything: eyes, clouds, parallel worlds, dreams, hope, and illusion, to name a few.
Stepan Krasnov aka 310
Following the classic pop-art, Roy Lichtenstein, being based on the classic comics 60s. Raster dot are moved to a larger size on the walls, which the artist does with stencil. Much of the work was done illegally in various conditions. Improvisation – that is the fundamental principle of this series, except for some works, which are fully consistent with the original sketches and concepts.
We feel that a street intervention have sense not because there´s an artist behind, but because there is a viewer before. Street isn´t an art gallery, nor a museum, nor a gift shop. Fortunately! Art tag is a frontier between a street intervention and the viewer. The market and the politicians monopolise street for its own benefit, against people. We have the oportunity to face this with a different language. We don´t feel on art just to promote ourself. We feel on art to propose a different use of públic space. The meaning behind a street piece is the meaning that the viewer build around it. The artist explanation doesn´t matter at all. A big dick in a bridge in front of the KGB building is a big dick in a bridge in front of the KGB building. If the authors had explained that the real meaning of this piece was just the spring arrival, it doesn´t matter. For people who faced this piece it will continue being a big dick in front of the KGB building. Bravo! We don´t want to promote any manifest, nor to convince nobody about our feelings. These are just words, full of contradictions and words, mostly, are blown with the wind. So, lets try with images! Start again…
Quim Tio
Guim studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. His works have been exhibited both nationally in galleries such as Esther Sala Pares or Montoriol and internationally in Strasbourg, California, Vancouver, Taiwan and Mexico. His most outstanding project is Magazine, part of the interest in the human condition, treated with humor, irony and a strong degree of provocation, and reflects on a society full of taboos and subjected to a very visual tyranny of television advertising and, of course, the fashion magazines.
Dulk is a hungry and insatiable all terrain illustrator. Urban art, illustration and graphic design are his fields, his twisted imagination does the rest. He has shown his work in England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy and Belgium, where he has recently won a major international award. His style is an explosive combination of influences like Caravaggio's tenebrism or the obsessive detail brushwork of Flemish painting, all mixed with a bizarre, burlesque and affectionate touch that makes it compact, direct and very honest. Antonio enjoys creating characters and stories based on his own dreams and everyday events, mixing fact and fiction, with a touch of pop surrealism. He's one of the leading figures of the spanish illustration scene.
100 Pression
A collective of independent artists Now composed of 6 members united artistically around the graffiti, the collective pressure 100 is built around a core of creativity and project coordination with the aim of spreading the graph and urban culture. The artistic heart of Pressure 100 consists of The Blind today Kazy.K, Francis Persu, Pedro Richardo, Smoka and Wide. The collective work allows us to learn from each other and pass us by expanding the range of artistic possibilities. Our desire is to go to meet the public in a perspective of interactivity and democratization of art. The combination of its unusual artistic personalities, made from 100 Pressure a creative workshop agitation around the various practical and aesthetic of each. During our training in art school, we each oriented in various practices: graphic design, illustration, painting, silkscreen, collage, installation or even web design. We move forward with the collective imagination as a raw material, learning to play us the codes and symbols for greater impact in our achievements become coherent whole universe. A multidisciplinary network Structuring our association and our integration in the collective Pol'n in 2007 allows us to pool our skills with different structures of the entertainment and art, and offers us the opportunity to work on varied and unexpected projects. Several clusters Our professional and artistic training allows us to offer a wide range of services to individuals, businesses or public authorities. We operate around several areas and diverse audiences: decoration, design, event, screen printing, graffiti initiations. Personal dissemination of works Meanwhile, as artists, we distribute our works, by participating in and developing projects of collective and individual exhibitions, always linked to urban art. Also a concern for artistic coherence, exhibitions are organized around a unifying idea or even support.
Arantxa Recio Parra aka Harsa
Illustration, design and graffiti.
Sabek, artista madrileño, muestra con un estilo muy libre y abierto, un mundo imaginario en el que el ámbito natural está siempre presente, enfrentando los valores naturales con la propia existencia mundana del ser. También se hace evidente su interés por las tipografías y la iconografía cuando se analizan sus composiciones, siempre integradas a la perfección en el entorno urbano, en donde se siente realmente a gusto trabajando. By Muros Tabacalera
Are you dead?
The idea ARE YOU DEAD? emerged from a personal catharsis and a vital moment that is easily extrapolated to the difficult economic and social times, a question which draws people to both wonder questions and find answers. To ask questions is not seeking a direct answer but for each individual to ask themselves the question. One concern confronting passiveness. To participate in a process that is different for each of us, and so the restlessness that is the process and the message. A process that could have an impact but is a personal need. An idea thrown into the air to which each individual decides who or what is the target, an idea that wants the viewer to ask himself what is important.
Txemy is synonymous with color, this artist loves the colors. A glance at his work is more than enough to realize this reality. It consists of lines that do not make sense, colored lines that lose us, and at the end, when the work is finished, we can see that these lines are made with all the will in the world, and alive with its vibrant colors, allowing delve into the imagination of this man. With Txemy art is innovation, and yet, bases his work on the study and observation of the work of great artists who have been relevant to their training and development of the current work, like Van Gogh, Jackson Polock and Basquiat among others.
Sabek, Madrid artist, shows a very free and open style, an imaginary world where the natural environment is always present, facing the natural values with the mundane existence of the being itself. His interest in typography and iconography is also evident when his compositions, often integrated seamlessly into the urban environment, where you really feel comfortable working are analyzed.
Vegan Bunnies
Barcelona. It was a rabbit that opened my eyes torwards freedom, life and respect for other individuals, it was the one who made me see that I did not want to contribute to a world that treats other animals as objects, that are only here to serve, so I became "vegan" and along with that I wanted to share with people all that I had inside. This rabbit represents a significant change in my life. He taught me many things and I again draw enjoying it, when I came here I started studying fashion and everything was very empty, but when drawning this rabbit, I could make him a tender sweet but revolutionary rabbit, fragile but strong, beautiful, feisty, lover of life and eager to fight. Stop believing in rules, comparisons, competitive positions or envy, while drawing it, it felt cold away from what I learned in that school.
Nineta is a series of stickers which a main character, perhaps Nineta her own. She's a young long black hair, which can be seen naked through the streets of Barcelona, often accompanied by animals.
Curruncho & Sabek
Streetartist from Madrid. Belongs to La Banda del Rotu
Nineta is a series of stickers which a main character, perhaps the Nineta own stands. is a young long black hair, which can be seen naked through the streets of Barcelona, often accompanied by animals.
Alice Pasquini
Alice Pasquini is a visual artist from Rome who works as an illustrator, set designer, and painter. Alice’s preferred canvases are city walls and she’s traveled widely, bringing her artwork to life on the streets of different cities across the globe, such as Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, London, and Rome. Alice graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and has lived and worked in Great Britain, France, and Spain. While in Madrid she completed coursework in animation at the well-respected Ars animación school and, in 2004, obtained an MA in critical art studies at the Universidad Computense. Through her art she strives to demonstrate the small moments between people and their connections to one another. She wishes to represent human emotion and explore these emotions from a different point of view. Alice is particularly interested in the representation of women in art and the desire to show strong, independent women in a way that differs from the highly sexualized image of femininity that is typically seen in society. In 2013 she realized a cycle of works for the Capitoline Museums in Rome, which are visible in Piazza Campidoglio, as well as a panel for the Pinacoteca Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in Gaeta, Italy. In 2012 she was selected to participate in Scultura Viva, XVI Simposio Internazionale di Scultura e Pittura Murales in San Benedetto del Tronto. Her work has been exhibited in the Tri-Mission Art Gallery, American Embassy, Rome (2013); Galleria d’Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara e alla Galleria Nazionale, Cosenza (2013); Casa dell’Architettura, Rome (2013); Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein (2013); Palazzo Candiotti, Foligno (2012); Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris (2012); Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona (2012). In addition, Alice has completed projects with international clients, such as Nike, Range Rover, Toyota, and Microsoft, illustrated the graphic novel Vertigine (Rizzoli, 2011), collaborated with the Italian Cultural Institute of Singapore (2013), and participates in international urban art events and festivals.
Orticanoodles is the pseudonym for two Italian artists, a very active and tight-knit duo, composed of Wally and Alita. Wally was born in Carrara, where he attended Art School and in 1996 he moved to Milan to attend the course in Advertising Art Direction at IED (European Institute of Design). Here in Milan, he met Alita. Both in love of the stencil technique, they began to create drawings and handmade posters, quickly making themselves known in the street-art world. In 2004, they start their first illegal actions in the street, stickering and pasting up posters. In their laboratory, situated in the Ortica district in Milan, Orticanoodles logos took shape. With the subversive power of Zibe, Orticanoodles started a blazing activity in the streets, soon evolving into a real urban guerrilla campaign. The image of the “brand” Orticanoodles has made its appearance in the streets of main European cities. Since roads are the largest open-air museums in the world, where you have free access and the artworks are judged for their aesthetic impact and communicative power, their creations are based on a code “POP” focused on the use of the stencil technique as a new form of Graffiti Art. Currently the duo is in production, with the creation of a series of portraits. Often this process, like the chosen subject, is born as a form of social criticism and at other times the choice of subject was simply driven by inspiration and respect towards the same. The most recent works, the new concept ”Stencil on Stencil”, are a collection of portraits of famous leaders, celebrities and provocative artists, combined with intricate matrices of finely cut stencil which contain a written message. The concept is to cancel the physical work, the pictures are above the words, thus creating a mutual relationship between the subject and his message. To date the duo has painted several stencils autonomously, as a form of free expression on the streets of many cities, but he also participated in important international events and festivals in addition to exhibiting works in museums and private exhibition spaces, both domestic and foreign.
Dimitris Taxis
Street artist from Athens
Born in Santiago de chile in 1972, the poet declares fifteen years and began his project to investigate the poetic language taking him to different spaces and materials that are not only paper. Pezkhamino is the name which the artist self-named joining the words Fish and Camino, what flows, what is in motion.
Caesar Baetulo aka SM172
Painter of paintings and murals , graffitti with stencil. I am interested to participate in artistic events, meeting people related to the world of painting and the performing arts.
Born in Santiago de chile in 1972, the poet declares fifteen years and began his project to investigate the poetic language taking him to different spaces and materials that are not only paper. Pezkhamino is the name which the artist self-named joining the words Fish and Camino, what flows, what is in motion.
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